What is an Elopement? And is it right for you?

December 6, 2021

If you are reading this, chances are you are probably wondering, “What is an elopement?” or “is it the right choice for me and my partner?” 

In recent years, the wedding industry has changed drastically. Intimate elopements have become a huge hit, and they are totally worth it! If you are an adventurous modern couple with a passion for traveling and wish to have a wedding day that matches your personality, this is a perfect option for you!

Definition of elopement

The ancient concept of elopement as a secretive marriage is now outdated. In today’s modern world, it refers to a non-traditional, unique, intimate, and intentional way of getting married. Each celebration is uniquely crafted to make the couple feel more true to themselves while celebrating their union. Sounds interesting, right?

Are you and your partner the super spontaneous adventure-loving kind of couple? Is a big bridal bash not your style? Do you wish to exchange your vows in an astounding location? If yes, then opting for an elopement is the right choice for you!

Guest Count

“Exactly what is an elopement? Does it require a guest list?”

As you start planning your elopement, it is essential to decide whether you want it to be private with just the two of you or whether you wish to invite guests too. The short answer is: it depends and varies from couple to couple. If you want it to be private, include just the two of you (and a wedding photographer of course!).

The best part of elopement is that it is more intentional and gives you ample opportunity to spend time with each other away from the hustle and bustle of busy routines, explore your destination, and create unforgettable memories. Less stress and less planning give you more time to connect and thoroughly enjoy your wedding day.

However, there is no hard and fast rule. If you want your close friends and family members to witness your special day, invite them! There are so many meaningful ways to make them part of the wedding.

What does an elopement ceremony look like?

I have been working in the wedding industry for several years now. Being a Europe elopement photographer, I provide comprehensive insight on what is an elopement and what such a ceremony looks like. The trend is taking over the wedding industry at a fast pace.

Freedom of choice has great advantages but it can be quite overwhelming too. You can either have your ceremony officiated by a friend or a family member; if there is no officiant, the couple can lead their ceremony too! An elopement doesn’t need to be like a traditional wedding ceremony so throw the standard script away and write your own vows! 

Mark this day with a memorable experience- have your first kiss as a wedded couple on a mountain top or choose a hiking trail as your aisle. Sounds pretty adventurous, right? If you have any special talents, this is the perfect time to showcase them!  Do you love to sing or like to play guitar? Incorporate this into the ceremony, too!

Benefits of elopement

Many modern couples are opting for elopement due to the tremendous benefits it offers. Some of these include:

·         Elopement serves to be much more intimate, less hectic, and a much more personal expression of love.

·         Your choice of locations is endless. Being a professional Europe elopement photographer, I have seen couples choose their wedding destinations from a plethora of different options and all of them are unique and amazing.

·         They require less planning and there is no need to book a venue. This means you can potentially save a lot of money and can splash out on your honeymoon!

·         An elopement gives you the freedom to enjoy your special day just the way you have envisioned it. Think about the things you will get to do with the love of your life on your nuptials without worrying about tradition or needing to stick to just one venue. How amazing does that sound? So, to further explain what is an elopement next we will cover how to choose the perfect destination. Let’s find out:

How to pick an elopement location?

The first step for an adventurous and amazing elopement is to choose the perfect backdrop because simply, you don’t need a venue to tie the knot! You can do it anywhere. There are a plethora of options available, given the fact that this Eurasian continent is home to incredible lakes, beautiful alpine mountains, the best ski resorts, and hiking destinations. Being an experienced Europe elopement photographer, I can offer thousands of options for you to decide from. Are you ready for a few of them? 

Europe has so much to offer. Epic sceneries, beautiful landscapes, historical European architecture, and opportunity for fun adventures will leave you speechless.

If you love being near the mountains, why not exchange your vows high in the sky, surrounded by peaks in the Dolomites in Italy. The lush green meadows, magnificent views, and picturesque alpine villages could be the perfect backdrop for your special day.

So, are you ready to turn your special day into the most magical one of your life?

I hope this blog post provides you with the answer to the question,  ‘what is an elopement’. If this is the type of wedding you want and are looking for an experienced Europe elopement photographer, I would be more than happy to capture your special moments. If you wish to read more unique and exciting REAL-LIFE elopement stories head over to my website!