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If you ask me about the one thing that describes who I am, I will tell you that I'm a dreamer. I'm not afraid to recreate myself when I find that my old life no longer fits me. I deeply believe that it's never too late to discover new things about ourselves. When I dropped out of university, I didn't know who I was or what I want to do. But the beautiful thing is that I didn't find out who I am by sitting at a desk or staring at a ceiling, but by doing more more of the things that I loved. By daring to go for the things that scared me. And this is what I admire about you. You dare to do things differently and dream about building a life that suits you! You deserve everything you're longing for and if you make one step after the other, you will get there eventually. I would love to help you take one more step towards your dream life!

You already have everything you need within you


create yourself

Express yourself

Find yourself

show yourself




Social Media

Personal Branding

o Find your why

o Build your soul brand through storytelling

o Develop your soul client

o Find your Brand Voice

o Custom Styleboard - Fonts, Colors, Textures

Brand Photography

o Personal Moodboard

o Outfit Inspiration

o Professional Photoshooting in Berlin or other location

o 20 Edited Pictures in color and black and white

o Finding stock photography matching your brand

o Personal Preset Creation for future images


o Build of a 5 Page Website

o Create Website in Wordpress + Custom Theme

o Plugin Installation

o Hosting & Domain

o Build with Elementor Pro, Divi or Kadence

Social Media

o Instagram Grid Curation

o Graphic Creation for Social Media

o Instagram Story Templates & Highlight Covers

o Pinterest Profile Creation


o Subscription Model: Monthly Social Media Management (Instagram & Pinterest)

My Core Values




I believe the only way to create something genuine and beautiful together is in a partnership where we both feel free and save to show up as our own authentic and vulnerable self.

I believe in equality and that everybody deserves to feel seen and heard despite the nationality, skin color or sexual orientation. I value and support more women of color starting their own business.

I believe that you are beautiful the way you are! I want to elevate your beauty and your own authenticity without catering to unrealistic beauty standards.


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Client Name

Client Name

3 Step Plan


Inquiry & Branding Audit

How it works

Let’s learn about each other and get your new project started.

I can't wait to hear about your dream business idea. I like to keep things personal and the process simple. I believe in a mutual partnership where we can both show up as our own authentic self without the worry of holding back. Let's dream big!



We’ll dive deep into your brand, your own authenticity, your dream client, your mission, values and soul storybrand.


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Creative Process

We'll create images that reflect who you are and create a soul brand around your own authentic self based on strategy

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