How to include Family & Friends into your Elopement Day?

December 6, 2021

“How to include family when eloping?”

This is the most asked question I get from couples who wish to have an elopement but also want to invite their close friends and family members. And honestly, it’s a valid question; a lot of couples like to elope but at the same time they may want or need to adhere to family and traditional values. If you are considering having an intimate affair but are unsure about how to include family and friends in your plans, then this blog post is the right one for you!

When it comes to planning a wedding, it can be difficult to ignore the opinions of your close kith and kin (obviously!). And different people have different opinions. But should that stop you from having the elopement of your dreams? I don’t think so! And that’s why I have created this blog post to give you some amazing tips and tricks on how to include your family members and friends in your elopement without having to sacrifice your wedding dreams. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

1.      Split up your elopement day

You may be wondering, is this possible?

Well, trust me! I have seen this work wonderfully. Being an experienced Europe elopement photographer I have witnessed many couples splitting up their big day into two halves. They dedicate the first half to an elopement that includes climbing on the mountain top, hiking, walking through giant slabs of rock, or simply visiting incredible lakes, and then they celebrate the second half with their kinsfolk in a more traditional manner. You can include guests by hosting a sunset party or by arranging a sunset hike. You can be surrounded by your loved ones and still experience the charm of an adventurous elopement. It can be done!

2.      Have an Intimate Ceremony with Close Friends and Family – then head off for an adventure

Do you wish to have a touch of a “just us” elopement and a traditional wedding, too? If yes, then having an intimate wedding will allow you to do that. But how?  You can include family and close friends by opting for micro-wedding at your favorite location. However, keep in mind that you have to accommodate the guests who are unable to hike or climb. Eloping alone is fun and so is being surrounded by your friends and family! It enables you to create memories to cherish forever.

3.      FaceTime or Skype

Thanks to technology, great video chatting apps are now available for maintaining connections and staying in touch with your loved ones (even if you are far away!). Facetime, Skype, and Imo are all apps that allow you to include your family members and friends during your elopement. You can connect with them on the top of the mountain (if you have internet access) and can even have them join you, virtually, on your hike! This doubles the fun and it’s unique, too. Moreover, you can record their live reactions when you and your partner are exchanging vows and they can raise a toast to your elopement. Video chatting is a great way to make your nearest and dearest feel that they are a part of the festivities and celebrations.

4.      Have a family member or friend as officiant or witness

Having an officiant and a witness is an essential part of eloping.

As a Europe elopement photographer, I have seen several couples having their friends or family members serve as officiants and witnesses. This makes the whole event even more special and meaningful because your marriage is officiated and witnessed by people who genuinely love and care about you. 

5.      Have a watch party

It’s 2021 and technology is taking over the world!

Host a watch party or a house party on your devices with your friends and family. You can share photos, videos or just invite them to view your elopement live! This is an easy, simple, and amazing way to include family and friends if they cannot make it to the big day because the location wasn’t accessible, or due to any other reason. 

6.      Plan a post-elopement reception

It’s okay if you wish to have the elopement as solely a “just us” day and want to limit those present to just the two of you.

Hosting a post-elopement reception party is a great way to include family and friends whilst reserving the main wedding day for just the two of you. This way you can personalize your ceremony just the way you like and can also have a post-celebration party to share the happiness with the closest people in your life. 

7.      Watch a personalized video from your friends or family members

Now imagine this; you have said your vows and now you are sitting together, receiving and watching personalized videos from your friends or family members. They are sending you love, best wishes, lots of prayers, and congratulating you on the beginning of your new life. This can be a beautiful way to start married life.

8.      Bring gifts for them from your elopement trip

This option should be no surprise!

Bringing gifts for your family members and friends is a lovely gesture to make them feel important and special, and to know that they were on your mind during your elopement, even though they weren’t there in person.

9.      Read letters from family and friends at your elopement

Another great way to feel as if family members are with you on elopement day is to ask them to write letters to you. Letters, or poetic expressions, for example, are timeless classics. These letters can be of support, well wishes, marriage advice and tips, literally anything! The power they hold is phenomenal. Set up a dedicated time to read the letters after your ceremony to make your special day even more meaningful. These missives could turn out to be some of your most cherished keepsakes.

I have listed different ways to include family and friends in your elopement. Hope it helps! Please remember that it is your special day and the main goal is your happiness, satisfaction, and contentment. If you would like to see some fantastic real-life elopement stories, head over to the website now!