Elopement in Italy: Puglia Guide

June 23, 2022

When it comes to your elopement in Italy, there are of course plenty of beautiful locations, but nothing quite captures the heart like Puglia. A beautiful, still largely untouched region of Italy known for sapphire blue waters, against a rustic backdrop. Puglia is a region loved by Italians and foreigners alike, not only for their waters, but for their delicious cheeses, dreamy olive groves, and fantastic wines. 

Why should you elope to Puglia?

An elopement to Puglia is perfect for those who love the sea. Those who dream about the olive groves of Italy, being surrounded by quaint streets with a glass of fresh rosè in hand while the sea breeze blows from crystal clear waters. 

It also happens to be a great honeymoon destination, for weeks by the sea, or for planning a roadtrip throughout Southern Italy. 

Puglia offers something special for those of you seeking a little relaxed luxury, but with an authentic Italian touch. 

Elopement in Italy: Where is Puglia?

Puglia is what is known as the “heel” of Italy’s boot, the peninsula that sticks into the sea to the east. It is surrounded by the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea, as well as meeting with Italy’s regions of Molise and Basilicata.

Being so long and stretched down you’ll find slight variations in climate throughout the region. However you can expect it to be warm to hot temperatures, and primarily sunny as the region often sees less than 85 rainy days a year!

Popular cities in Puglia are the capital of Bari, known for it’s old city center, historic churches, and fishing port which always has the freshest catch; Polignano al Mare and Monopoli, both white cities right along the water; Alberobello for its adorable Trulli houses, and many many more locations!

Whether you are looking for an elopement to Italy for the seaside, olive groves, or rustic elegant agritourism, Puglia is a great location to consider! 

How to get to Puglia

Puglia is reachable by land, air, or sea, making it easy to reach from any country of origin. If you are coming from Croatia, Albania, or Greece, there are plenty of ferries crossing the sea and taking you straight to the port of Bari.

Instead, if you are looking to fly into Puglia, there are a few options:

  • Foggia
  • Bari
  • Salento
  • Taranto

But know that most airlines will probably offer better deals to Bari, from there you can choose to rent a car or take a train to your final destination. Coming internationally, there may be fewer flights direct to Bari, instead, the airline might have you switch in one of Italy’s larger airports like Rome or Naples. In this case, you could even consider extending your Elopement in Italy and Honeymoon to include more of the country.

Puglia is quite well connected by train or bus when it comes to the popular cities or towns, however, if you plan on staying in an agritourism, or want to take your time enjoying the region, you should consider renting a car.

Best Time to Elope to Puglia

Puglia is a beautiful seaside region, it is perfect for an outdoor elopement in Italy.

But careful about when to plan your elopement! Your biggest challenge when eloping to Puglia will be beating the heat.

December to February is considered deep winter in Puglia, and leads too many rainy days. But during this time average temperatures range from from 32 – 55 degrees, meaning if you manage to plan accordingly you can still get a beautiful day! Even on a rainy day, certain locations still can charm you, such as the borgo of Alberobello.

March and April begin to warm up, but still potential of rain. However, May and late spring happen to be one of the best times to elope to puglia! 

May brings warmer temperatures between 50s-60s F (10-25 C), sunny days, and quiet sites. This is before the main visitor rush of the summer, meaning many famous sites like Polignano al Mare could be all yours to explore.

June is also a good choice as temperatures are comfortable, between the 60s-80s F (16-31 C). You’ll find plenty of summer sun and all corners of Puglia coming to life. Visitors will begin to show up from all over, and the region begins to open their doors to welcome them. 

July and August are peak summer months, where temperatures can get risky high, reaching over 100 F (37 C) at times. This is a drier heat, but with the sun coming down, it can be tough to have a ceremony during the day.  If you do opt for this time of year, you might want to plan an early morning or evening elopement.

Autumn is another great time of year, where the temperature begins to cool, crowds thin out, and the sun is still shining!

Overall your best time to plan to elope to Puglia is either May, June, September or October. If you plan on eloping in peak summer, just plan to work with an early morning ceremony for the best comfort.

Where to Stay during your Elopement to Puglia

There is no shortage of adorable stays in Puglia. While you and your partner may love to stay by the sea, there are also incredible Masserie, a short drive inland.

Masserie were old farm houses typical of Puglia, usually white brick with living quarters and the farm all in one location. Recently the old abandoned farmhouses have been renovated to create elegant, unique hotels. These usually are full-service agritourisms, often with many peaceful relax areas, and often pools and spas included.  Often they have limited rooms meaning your visit will be even more relaxing.

Some of the best of these include:

Masseria Beneficio

Masseria Trapana

Agriturismo Masseria Aprile

But there are many more available for all budgets!

Another interesting stay more in land, is of course a trullo! A trullo is a round and conical house, typical to central Puglia. They were once fieldhouses for shepherds or farmers out in the olive groves.  They can provide an adorable and unique stay in Puglia.

Here are a few places to inspire you:

Trulli Resort

Trulli Holiday – an albergo diffuso throughout Alberbello

This Dreamy Trullo in Ostuni

If you’d like to stay right up along the sea, areas just south of Bari, closer to Polignano al Mare and Monopoli. A little north you might fall in love with the small town of Trani, a quite town known for it’s beautiful seaside and lighthouse.  Truth is anywhere along the 800km of coastline is perfect.  

What to do on the day of your Puglia Elopement

Once you’re done with your ceremony and photographer, how should you spend the rest of your magical day? There are no rules for how to spend your elopement day, it’s all about making lasting memories with your partner. Whatever feels most magical to you is the right answer.

But if you want to spend it with an authentic Puglian experience there’s plenty of fun adventures you can take:

-Pasta or Cooking Classes to learn local cuisine

-Pair it with an Olive Oil or Wine Tasting!

-A boat tour to explore the wild coastline

-A horseback riding tour through a natural park

-Spend the day beach hopping to enjoy the beauty of Puglia.

The best part of eloping in Italy, is that you can roll right into your honeymoon. From your ceremony, start your adventures exploring the beautiful coastline of Puglia, but don’t miss out the historic sites of Alberobello and Bari’s historic center!

For a more natural visit, check out the Parco Nazionale del Gargano. A national park and promontory with beautiful coasts and green paths to explore. 

From Puglia, with a little road trip you can also explore the nearby Basilicata, a wild region of Italy, with hidden borghi towns throughout the rocky Appenines. One of the best spots to check out is Matera, a truly magical location to add to your honeymoon trip!

When talking to your planner and photographer, mention the things you’ve been dreaming about for your Puglia trip. They’ll be able to come up with a beautiful elopement day and honeymoon for you.

Vendors for a Puglia Elopement

Many vendors in Puglia might cater to more traditional weddings, however they will be happy to accommodate your plans and prepare for your elopement in Puglia!

When it comes to finding vendors you may find it hard to plan from abroad with language and coordination. Depending on how you are hoping your elopement to be, you might want to trust the vendor search with a local elopement planner.

To help you plan your dream elopement: I have a list of vendors I trust that are included in the 70-page Elopement Guide that couples will get once we book your desired package.

The legal process of Elopement in Italy

When it comes to eloping to Puglia or planning an elopement in Italy overall, the legal process can get a bit messy with the Italian system, and require quite a bit of paperwork. The best thing to do is get legally married in your country of origin, then have a symbolic wedding with your elopement in Puglia.

If you would like to consider getting married legally in Italy, with an Italian Marriage License, have a look at our Italy Elopement Guide or you may want to consult with your Embassy in Italy. These wedding planners can also help you work out the details.

As far as the legality of your elopement in Puglia, you are totally free to have a symbolic wedding where you please!

If it is just you and your partner, and your photographer, of course, you can go where you choose. If instead, you plan on having a small group of friends and family, with a small ceremony, the rules may be a little different. In the latter case, it is best to check ahead of time that no permits are needed for an outdoor ceremony, otherwise, you can choose to host a small ceremony at a local restaurant or hotel!

These are details we can go over together and that are all included in my Italy Elopement Packages.