Best places to elope in Europe

September 7, 2021

If you are looking for magic and ‘all the feels’ for your wedding day, then there is no location better than Europe! Simply because it has something for everybody: the wild romantics, the daring, the adventurous. With so many different countries and cultures to choose from, it can be hard to nail it down to only one location. If you can think of the perfect elopement scenery, chances are Europe can seamlessly bring your vision to life! From the sunbathing coasts of Italy to the frozen glaciers of Iceland, from the mountain ranges of the Alps to the wonderful highlands of Scotland, and from delicious French cuisine to sipping cocktails on Santorini – trust me, Europe has it all. Having to choose from so many places can be slightly challenging, but don’t worry. Today I am listing the best places to elope in Europe to help you find your very own Elopement Location!



The 10 best places to elope in Europe

  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Greece
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • Scotland
  • Iceland
  • Turkey


Best places to elope in Europe: ITALY

One of the best places to elope to Europe is Italy

Italy serves to be one of the most desired destinations for an elopement because it has various places tailored to everyone’s taste. Whether you dream of vineyards and rustic yet elegant aesthetic, maybe saying “I do” while the sun sets over the sea horizon, or tying the knot in the breathtaking mountains; this country will convince you with its natural beauty, culture, and exquisite cuisine! Some of the most incredible locations to get hitched are Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Puglia and for the adventurous – the Dolomites. Plan your elopement off-season to avoid the crowds or pick an experienced Elopement Photographer who can give you recommendations for secret secluded spots.

Best places to elope in Europe: PORTUGAL

One of the best places to elope to Europe is Portugal

Portugal has been on the rise and couples are fastly realizing how much beauty this country holds. Lisbon is a true gem for modern lovers who seek to entwine urban with historical and elope somewhere cool. There is also Sintra, which is quite the fairytale location! Not to mention Porto, which oozes coastal charm and has so many incredible places to exchange your vows. But don’t forget about Madeira – a dream destination that provides unparalleled adventure and experience! This mountainous island offers many captivating sceneries that provide intimacy. You can elope on the beach, on a boat or in the heart of the mountains. Imagine saying I do up high while the clouds are lowered down and you have a feeling that you are on top of the world! Or maybe among the peaks, overlooking a the mountain tops rising magnificently along your side. A dream, right?!


Best places to elope in Europe: GREECE

One of the best places to elope to Europe is Greece

Besides the natural beauty and amazing local cuisine, Greece has cultural treasures that really put a special flair on your Europe elopement. Even though it is obvious, I would definitely recommend Santorini because of its one-of-a-kind volcanic beauty, whitewashed architecture with blue domes, and adventurous experience opportunities encircled by the Mediterranean. Furthermore, Meteora is a dream destination for those who desire height, gorgeous sights, and large rock formations that are truly the wonder of nature! Zakynthos island will charm you with its numerous caves and authentic charm. I would also recommend going off-season to avoid crowds, it is definitely best during Spring or Autumn.


Best places to elope in Europe: CROATIA

One of the best places to elope to Europe is Croatia

Croatia has been recently listed as one of the best places to elope in Europe! This country has the best of it all so it is no wonder it has been a desired destination for modern couples. If you wish to feel its coastal beauty, you will be easily spellbound by the countless islands that stretch. Dubrovnik, Vis & Hvar are some of the locations to consider. For nature lovers, I would definitely recommend the Croatia national parks like Plitvice with waterfalls that will take your breath away. Mountain adventure seekers? Easy! The mountain Dinara is the perfect place to say I do.


Best places to elope in Europe: SLOVENIA

One of the best places to elope to Europe is Slovenia

When it comes to mountain and lake elopements, Slovenia wins all rounds. This breathtaking and picturesque country nestled in the foothills of the Alps offers nature’s splendor at your fingertips. It is the best-kept secret for a Europe elopement! Because it is surrounded by Austria, Italy, and Croatia; it is quite accessible from all sides so planning a trip here will be an easy task. If you desire to experience city life, then Ljubljana is the place to be. If the lakes & mountains are calling you, these are the locations to consider: Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj, Logar Valley, and Kranjska Gora.


Best places to elope in Europe: SWITZERLAND

One of the best places to elope to Europe is Switzerland

When you think about Switzerland, you immediately think about the Swiss Alps, and you have every right because they are absolutely jaw-dropping! Imagine high peaks, lush forests, lakes, even waterfalls! An idyllic location to have an adventurous elopement with hiking, and a cozy stay at some of the chalets. Good wine and swiss cheese to celebrate your tying of the knot! Some of the places to consider are Ticino, the Switzerland National Park, Zermatt, Lauterbrunnen, and for the snow lovers – Jungfraujoch.


Best places to elope in Europe: SPAIN

One of the best places to elope to Europe is Spain

Warm climate, rich culture, and delicious cuisine that you cannot say ‘no’ to! If you desire to feel this authentic culture and traditions, opt for an elopement in the Basque Country. To feel the city charm, you will find yourself torn between choices since every one of them is unique! But I would definitely recommend exploring authentic intimate places in Cordoba, Valencia, and Grenada. From the Spanish islands, I would put an accent on Mallorca because of its mountainous yet coastal beauty which is perfect for adventurous romantics! One of my favorite places there is Cap de Formentor. In essence, the best part about Spain is that due to its pleasant climate, you can elope all year round!


Best places to elope in Europe: SCOTLAND

One of the best places to elope to Europe is Scotland

While Spain is amazing for its all-year season, Scotland has another forte – you can literally elope anywhere you want! May that be a ruined castle, a loch, a city, or even in the highlands – all that is needed is a celebrant or officiant; a few witnesses, and your Europe elopement photographer! Speaking of locations, Scotland has a tons of them, especially for the explorers and poets. Some to consider: Loch Lomond, Loch Ness, Loch Maree, Loch Tummel, Loch Garry, Inverness, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dunnottar Castle, Eilean Donnan Castle, Sinclair Castle, Kilchurn Castle – believe me, I could go on forever! Even if you choose the city, you are only a rock throw away from stepping into Scottish nature and relishing in the landscapes!


Best places to elope in Europe: ICELAND

One of the best places to elope to Europe is Iceland

Let the wild adventure begin! The land of fire and ice will be a sanctuary for the explorers looking to experience something different. Starting from the ring road, which showcases all the best locations in Iceland, you will find yourself baffled about all the choices presented in front of you! From lavish waterfalls to black sand beaches and magnificent mountains, Iceland is a scenic country that will awe-inspire you. Elopement locations that are ethereal and truly magnificent: Reynisfjara – black sand beach, Skogafoss Waterfall, Godafoss Waterfall, Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall (countless other waterfalls), and the mountain range Vestrahorn, Brunnhorn, and Eystrahorn.


Bonus –  Best places to elope in Europe: TURKEY

One of the best places to elope to Europe is Turkey

Even just a part of Europe, this stunning country has so much to offer that it would be a shame to hide it from you! The remnants of the ottoman empire have left an authentic culture to enjoy and a cuisine that is to die for. Imagine tying the knot while hundreds of hot air balloons curate the perfect backdrop for your elopement photography, immersing in the rocky valley of Cappadocia, exploring the ancient beauty of Antalya, or enjoying the coast in Bodrum and its natural surroundings. My recommendation would be to elope from spring to autumn. Even though the winters are mild, they are quite rainy.


Why you should elope to Europe

Imagine waking up in one of the chalets in the Dolomites. It is a beautiful early morning, birds are chipping and you get ready with your spouse. In the meantime, your photographer comes bringing cups of coffee and breakfast from the nearby village. The sun hasn’t risen yet, it is perfect for a wonderful hike, after all, the mountains are calling! But before that, you get some getting-ready-photos and have time to really soak it all in. Your dream is to speak your vows when the sun rises, so you hike for a while until you reach the perfect scenery. As the glow turns from purple to golden, it is time. It is finally happening. The rising sunlight gives power to your vows, infusing them with life, love, and devotion. You are holding hands, gazing at each other’s souls, completely unaware that your photographer is there with you! A kiss to seal your loving fate. Now it is time to pop the champagne and have a small picnic while gazing upon the mountains and forests all around. An intimate and sacred affair, belonging only to you two. The world is yours.

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