10 unique Elopement Ideas

December 6, 2021

Are you planning to elope with the love of your life and looking for some unique ideas to make your intimate ceremony extra special? Well then, you are in the right place! This blog post has everything that you need – adventure-filled elopement ideas, exciting activities, personalization tips-you name it…so let’s get started!

Rent an Amazing AirBnB

Your elopement doesn’t need to be in a hotel at all!

AirBnb elopements are trending in 2021 and they are worthy of the hype! It’s an amazing idea, especially if you are a couple who love to explore nature, hike, or climb mountains. Booking an AirBnb is a wonderful way to celebrate your special day. Spectacular views, the light shifting on meadows, a panoramic landscape at dusk -.this is the stuff that wedding dreams are made of.

If you love to hike, consider booking an AirBnb with easy access to trailheads. An AirBnb elopement gives you the freedom to add personalized touches to make your event even more memorable. You could even consider hiring a private chef too! 

As a Europe elopement photographer, I have shot many elopements in the mountains, making the most of the spectacular hilly peaks, and natural landmasses. This backdrop makes for exceptionally beautiful photographs, as well as being a stunning natural, outdoor ‘church’ for your ceremony.

Make it a 2-day adventure or consider splitting the day into two halves

If you wish to have the excitement of an adventure-filled elopement while also not missing out on being surrounded by your closest friends and family members, consider making it a 2-day adventure. Dedicate the first day solely to just the two of you and celebrate during the next day with your nearest and dearest.

You can head out for your elopement (whether it is climbing the mountain, going for a hike, or just relaxing together by a beautiful lake) in the first half of the day and then have the second half with your friends and family. Celebrate this second half by hosting a small sunset party or by throwing an amazing dinner bash.

Have the best meal ever

Treat yourself to your favorite foods on your special day.

When I am helping my couples to plan their elopement, I always suggest they think of it as a date that lasts all day. By that I mean they should include as many fun activities as they wish and enjoy the best food! Organizing food and catering for just two people is relatively easy and flexible. You could even hire a private chef to cook your favorite meal for you (and no they aren’t as expensive as you think they are).

Bring your dog to your big day

Want to make your elopement ceremony pawsome?

If you are looking for some special elopement ideas to personalize your intimate ceremony, consider taking your furry four-legged friends with you. In fact, some states often allow your canine companions to be your wedding witnesses. You can even get your dog a customized wedding outfit. Because what could be better than seeing your pup all dressed up in a cute bow tie, flower collar, and customized leash as your witness.

As a Europe elopement photographer, it’s always a treat to watch couples bringing their beloved pet(s) to their intimate ceremonies.

Let a boat bring you to an isolated island

Have you ever dreamt about eloping on a beautiful island? There are a plethora of islands that are like little pieces of heaven with their clear turquoise blue waters, breathtaking views, and lovely shorelines. The cherry on top: you can hire a boat to sail you to your favorite idyllic island. To say “yes” in a paradise spot like this is to have a unique elopement experience that will give you the memories of a lifetime.

Take a canoe

If you are on the hunt to find adventure-packed elopement ideas; for couples who love water, your search ends here!

Also, if you love the beautiful simplicity of a quiet night at the cabin and sailing canoes during the day, then canoe-inspired elopement is the perfect choice for you.

Set up an outdoor picnic

Think outside of the box and have an elopement that your friends and family members will remember for years to come.

If you wish to substitute the traditional wedding ceremony with a unique alternative, consider having an epic elopement picnic. Create an awesome charcuterie or cheese board. Bring your favorite baskets and voila, you are done!

Incorporate music and dance to make your day extra special

Can there be any better way to celebrate your iconic day than by singing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs and dancing your hearts out? I don’t think so!

The best part of having an elopement is that you can mix and match all your favorite musical genres, any rules go out of the window! You don’t even need an instrument, just your smartphone is enough!

Remember it is about the two of you. The main goal is to thoroughly enjoy the whole day. Play your favorite instruments, sing your favorite songs, and dance just the way you want to!

Relax in hot springs

If you are planning to elope in the snowy season, hot springs could be the perfect fit for you!

The steamy sessions allow you to spend quality relaxation time with each other. Furthermore, if you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the daily routine, a hot springs elopement might just be the getaway that you need!

These natural hot springs are well-known for replenishing your mind, body, and soul. 10/10 recommended.

Do something together that you always wanted to do

Here comes the best of the elopement ideas!

Think about this: What is something that you always wanted to do together but haven’t been able to? This can be anything – literally anything!

Is it paragliding, bungee jumping, maybe a hot air balloon adventure, sandboarding, ski-diving, or anything else?

This is the perfect chance for you to follow your heart and make your event extra special by doing something that you’ve always dreamt of doing together.

I hope these unique elopement ideas prove to be of tremendous help to you! As a Europe elopement photographer, I love to capture the special moments that my couples share. If you are planning to elope with the love of your life, don’t forget to visit my website to see some of the amazing services I can offer you!