10 Ideas for your Elopement Ceremony

December 6, 2021

“Do you have any special ideas for an elopement ceremony to make it even more unique, memorable, adventurous and meaningful?”

“What are some of the best unique ways to personalize an elopement?”

As a specialist elopement photographer, I get asked these questions a lot! It’s natural to want to find out more about non-traditional marriage ceremonies, especially if you are planning something unique for your intimate wedding day.

You’ve found your soulmate, got engaged, and now have officially decided that you want to elope with the love of your life. Congratulations! A lot of couples look for new ideas to make their nuptials personal and an expression of their true selves. This blog post is perfect for those seeking inspiration to make their dream wedding a reality.

What does an Elopement Ceremony look like?

Exchange of vows

The freedom of choice that an elopement offers comes with some challenges, too. But there’s nothing that can’t be overcome. This type of ceremony is officiated by friends or family members and includes a private exchange of vows. These words don’t have to be strictly copy-pasted. You can write your own vows to personalize them to truly express your love for each other.

This is the magic of an elopement. It allows you to follow your heart freely and candidly. Being a Europe elopement photographer, I have seen couples arrive with handwritten vows too!  This thoughtful gesture can be so beautiful.

Handwritten vows are the essence of this type of special ceremony: genuine, unique, and full of meaning.

There is no one-size-fits-all method when it comes to conducting elopement ceremonies. The perfect way is the one that suits you and your partner and makes you both happy.

Rings – a nod to symbolism

Rings symbolize infinite love and eternal commitment within a marriage. But this symbolism doesn’t mean they have to be traditional. Some couples choose to surprise each other with the presentation of rings, which can be a magical moment in the ceremony. Others prefer to go an unconventional route and get the rings tattooed on their fingers. You could consider crafting your own rings too!

The First Kiss

Hands down the most beautiful part of the whole elopement ceremony!

The First Kiss is a deeply poignant moment. You have just vowed to spend your life with each other and promised to be there for one another through thick and thin. These heartfelt promises deserve to be celebrated with a romantic First Kiss.

Unique ideas elopement ceremony

Being a Europe elopement photographer, I have witnessed and photographed many kinds of intimate ceremonies. That being said, I am all in for unique ideas and fun activities on the day of the elopement! I love watching couples embracing different unusual activities. The variety amazes me every time.  If you are looking for some unique ideas for your elopement ceremony, this post is perfect for you! Keep on reading.

• Planting a tree together

If you are a nature-loving couple, planting a tree is a great idea to celebrate your special day. It will serve as a permanent and beautiful reminder of your elopement. Elm trees symbolize unity, love, and freedom. On the other hand, Maple trees are linked to longevity, loyalty, and protection. However, it is advisable to plant a tree native to your elopement location so it can grow, thrive, and withstand the test in the coming years – just like your relationship.

• Unity Ceremony

A unity ceremony includes a set of meaningful rituals that symbolize the union of two souls coming together as one. Some ideas for these special moments include: lighting a unity candle to celebrate your marriage, hosting the El Lazo ceremony, releasing a wish lantern together, and pouring sand. When it comes to beautiful ideas, elopement ceremony unity candles are a gorgeous way to eternalize your love.

• Cord Ceremony

The Cord Ceremony is also known as the “Unity Braid Ceremony”. It is a great addition to your elopement and a truly unique element that your friends and family members will remember for years to come. This ritual is often carried out at the end of the ceremony when the newlyweds braid the cord of the three strands together. These three strands often come in special colors- usually gold, purple, and white.

• Making Music together

Do you love to play guitar? Or maybe you like to sing sweet love songs as a couple?

A lot of brides and grooms enjoy their elopement day by singing and dancing to their favorite songs. Music binds two hearts together and what better way to celebrate your union than by playing songs in the background? You will love doing this! Trust me.

•Locking love letters in a box

You are an adventurous couple, you opted for an exciting elopement ceremony-why shouldn’t your anniversary be just as special?

Make your day extra amazing by locking love letters in a box to exchange on the anniversaries of the future. Dedicate some time to writing your feelings and expectations of the relationship. You just have to pour your heart out and voila, you have created something magical! 

• Including pets in your ceremony

Raise your hands if you love your pets!

Your furry friends are an important part of your family, right? As a Europe elopement photographer, I love to plan and capture dog-friendly elopements. These fun companions make the whole ceremony extra pawsome!

• Religious Ceremony

“Can we have a religious elopement ceremony?”

Sure, you can! After all, it’s your special day and you can conduct it the way you want to!

Elopements are an intimate, authentic, and creative way of getting married. They are an intentional way of celebrating your love uniquely and you can include your specific religious practices (if you wish to!) to add extra meaning.

• First Dance

Even if you have a private elopement with just the two of you, you can STILL have the First Dance.

There is absolutely no pressure to perform a formal dance, like those seen in traditional weddings. Dance your heart out on your special day just the way you like! All you need is a smartphone, some amazing tunes, and you are good to go!

If you have decided to elope, head over to my website today to check the elopement services I offer, as well as pricing. I have also included some unique ideas for elopements you may want to check out. If you wish to know more about my services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.