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Eloping is all about having the best day of your life. It’s about doing what feels most like you, and doing it wholeheartedly.

Ciao, I'm Laura

I know what it means to not do what you think is expected of you. I had to drop out of university, quit my job, give up my apartment and take my dog on a roadtrip around Europe to follow my true passion of photography and find my real happiness.

I'm not your usual wedding photographer. I'm your guide to your unique wedding experience that's so much more than just a wedding. It's a genuine experience filled with laughter and intimate moments that deserve to be captured and felt forever. I wholeheartedly believe that you deserve a wedding where you are free to be completely yourself.

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" As soon as I saw you I knew a grand adventure was about to happen."


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"Working with Laura is pure Magic"

"It's easy to see Laura's creative angles and gorgeous editing and her incredible ability to tell a story from her portfolio images. But what her website can't tell you is her warmth, charm, grace, adventurous spirit, easygoing personality, and an energy she exudes that immediately puts you at ease. This is the kind of ease that translates to effortless moments captured in time. That's what she does: she stops moments in time and gifts them back to you so you can reexperience them for a lifetime. How often do you get to look at a moment of your own life captured so beautifully that it evokes all the feelings you felt in the exact moment it was taken? This is what Laura does. We will work with her again and again. You will, too."

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Tell me all about your dreams and what makes you -you. Then we hop on a call and start dreaming of your adventure wedding and possible elopement locations (Trust me I have tons of them)

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We set the date and location, I will send you the contract and once the 50% retainer is paid you're getting your unique 70 page Elopement Planning Guide that leaves no question unanswered and makes you actually feel excited for your wedding day.


Have your best day ever!

We will stay in touch throughout the whole process, I will create a timeline for you and help with the vendor selections. Once everything is set, you don't have to worry about a thing and can completely enjoy your Elopement Day. I'm here to conserve the moments for you so that you can look back on them and feel what you felt in that moment saying your vows. Amazing huh?

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Let's create your best day ever!

When you book me, you're not just booking a photographer. I'm as excited about your day than you are. I will be there with you every step on the way: From vendor recommendations to location scouting and creating the perfect timeline. Count me in!

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